What is it?

The Race Equality Assessment toolkit is a resource designed to improve the workplace experiences of racial and ethnic minoritised NHS staff, by improving the culture and wellbeing of services for all staff through evidence led solutions. This toolkit aims to achieve this by supporting the recognition of differences and inequities within the workplace between racial and ethnic minoritised staff, and the pathways to how they exist.

It is being created to help make sure that the perspectives and lived experiences of ethnic minoritised staff are prioritised in the education, research, and clinical applications for all NHS staff. It will also strengthen the development of education and training resources designed to reduce inequalities experienced by ethnic minoritised staff.

What has happened so far?

This toolkit is being put together through the engagement of key stakeholder and advisory group members. Its purpose has been based on stakeholder feedback and prioritisation.

What's next?

Further review of resources and literature concerning past toolkits. Further refinement through consultation with the TIDES Advisory and Stakeholder Opinion Group members, along with co-investigators and collaborators

Plans to integrate the TIDES Phase 2 virtual reality project ‘Walking in the Shoes of’ into the toolkit training programme.