Podcast: Inequalities in Healthcare Services: Part 2

In this second part of our series exploring inequalities in healthcare services, Srishti and Shaza talk to Dr. Preety Das and Dr. Vishal Bhavsar about the value of having a safe space to talk about challenges one may face when working in healthcare, the importance of diversifying education and training curriculums in medicine, and much more.

Preety and Vish are trained in medicine and members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as active researchers in the field of mental and physical health inequalities. They are steering members of the Maudsley Cultural Psychiatry Group (MCPG) which aims to encourage and facilitate sociocultural education and community engagement amongst trainee and practising psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. The MCPG offers a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds to talk about their experiences in life, work, and education.