The Aim

The aim of this project is to develop Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios informed by the qualitative data collected for TIDES Phase 1 and TIDES Phase 2, and our advisory group. These scenarios will form a key part of immersive training and education intervention resources for NHS staff, managers and policymakers from all ethnic backgrounds and will be integrated into the study’s Race Equality Assessment toolkit.

This is to enable managers and staff to ‘walk in the shoes of’ ethnic minoritised staff in occupational roles most affected by racism, discrimination and other workplace adversity in an approach that aims to be engaging, empathic and experiential.

What has happened so far?

Three virtual reality profiles have been developed in collaboration with Maudsley Learning and the VR lab at KCL,  to focus on discrimination events occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been further developed into 3 scripts denoting 3 different discrimination scenarios for ethnic minority staff. This has been completed with feedback from the TIDES core team, NHS Peer Researchers and the TIDES Advisory and Stakeholder Opinion Groups,  

The scripts and casting have been finalised, and filming was completed in a third person perspective. 


What's next?

We are now in the process of piloting these training simulations with TIDES collaborators who hold senior management positions in the NHS.