Podcast: Inequalities in Healthcare Services: Part 1

In this first episode of our two-part series on inequalities in healthcare services, Srishti, a 3rd year medical student with a keen interest in mental health, and Shaza, a HYPE Project volunteer, talk to Dr. Juliana Onwumere about the challenges of working in healthcare and other organisations when from an ethnic minority background. They discuss the impacts of unfair treatment and how we can retain hope in challenging circumstances.

Juliana is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and researcher at King’s College London. She has dedicated her research and clinical efforts to treating people with severe mental health problems and their families and has a keen interest in increasing social inclusion and decreasing stigma within healthcare services. Much of this work is linked to the Tackling Inequalities and Discrimination Experiences (TIDES) Project, a research initiative at King’s examining the effects of unfair treatment experienced by healthcare practitioners on work and health outcomes.