Research Methods: A Practical Guide to Peer and Community Research

ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health are offering a free 10-week course introducing research methods for peer and community based research. The course intends to promote social change and remove barriers to research for non-academics and community members.

Please visit the future learn page for more information and to sign up.

KCL PhD Programme in Mental Health Research for Health Professionals

The Wellcome Trust PhD Training Programme will train the next generation of clinical academics in mental health research in a richly interdisciplinary training environment.

Training fellowships will be available to doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists and allied healthcare practitioners across a diverse range of topics relevant to mental health science.

To enable mental health science to flourish, this new PhD programme will encourage clinicians both from within and outside disciplines traditionally involved in mental health to apply. Supervisory teams will combine clinical and non-clinical academics to ensure PhD fellows gain expertise in technical and scientific skills necessary for mental health science.

For more information please visit the programme website here