The Aim

The aim of the TIDES Phase 2 quantitative project was to collect new quantitative data on existing and emerging ethnic inequalities in mental health, somatic symptoms and occupational outcomes during and after COVID-19. This was facilitated by developing and incorporating an “ethnicity module” into an existing national longitudinal study of NHS staff (the NHSCHECK study) , which is the TIDES inequalities survey.

Survey participants were offered the chance to attend Microaggressions workshops, facilitated by our collaborator, Challenge Consultancy.  Participants were given the opportunity to talk about microaggressions that they might experience or witness and were provided with structured ways to address them.

What we asked

  • Opinions on the COVID vaccine​
  • Experiences of bank staff ​
  • Discrimination both inside and outside the workplace ​
  • Re-deployment and risk Opinions on the COVID vaccine​
  • Experiences of bank staff ​
  • Discrimination both inside and outside the workplace ​
  • Re-deployment and risk assessments​
  • Work ethnic and workplace support​

Who completed the survey?

The survey went out to NHS CHECK participants at their 8 month follow up across 18 English NHS trusts. As of October 2021, 4,874 participants have completed our survey.

The Results

The TIDES team have established a writing group to discuss the findings from the inequalities survey, members of which include colleagues and collaborators from NHS CHECK. We are currently writing up our initial findings in our main paper and will soon be producing follow-up papers on discrimination.

Findings from this research will be shared via the TIDES teams and also through the participating NHS Trusts, who will use communications channels including websites and staff newsletters. NHS CHECK may also send you short summaries of the results via email. Research findings will also be shared with other NHS Trusts nationally via networks and professional bodies. In addition NHS CHECK will publish their findings in academic journals, and present them at conferences and meetings with those involved in staff health and wellbeing for the NHS. NHS CHECK will be working with members of the public and staff across the NHS sites to ensure the findings reach everyone involved. 

The Aim

The aim of the TIDES Phase 2 qualitative project is to gain more in-depth information about workplace discrimination, harassment, bullying and abuse; and whether the COVID-19 pandemic amplified and exacerbated these issues by increased exposure to these adversities within and outside of the workplace.  

What is involved

There are 3 samples to be interviewed for the TIDES
Phase 2 qualitative project: 



Racial and Ethnic minority NHS staff who completed the NHS Check inequalities survey (to explore how COVID-19 has affected mental and physical health and
occupational outcomes) 


TIDES Phase 1
interview participants post-COVID-19
(to understand the
impact of COVID-19 on experiences of discrimination, bullying and


Senior staff and
(to investigate the structural factors

underpinning adversity for racial and ethnic minority NHS staff during the pandemic). 


The sample of the NHS CHECK survey participants is currently being invited to participate in an interview. The execution of these interviews is happening with the support of trained peer researchers from racial and ethnic minoritised backgrounds, who currently work in the NHS.

The sample of participants who were interviewed in TIDES PHASE 1 have been invited to participate in an interview to discuss changes in staff experience since COVID.

A total of 27 interviews were completed by April 2021.

The sample of participants from senior positions (Band 8 and above) were purposively selected from NHS trusts across England, and were invited to take part in an interview held by our collaborators/partners at Challenge Consultancy.

A total of 24 interviews were completed by April 2021.

Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to share their experiences with us. 

What's happening with the data

Some of the data from these interviews has begun to be analysed with some initial findings being discussed.

Some of these findings have gone into the TIDES paper discussing COVID vaccine hesitancy among NHS staff. “Race, ethnicity and COVID-19 vaccination: a qualitative study of UK healthcare staff ” which you can read/access here