Podcast: How NHS organisational culture maintains racialised inequalities

In this episode of the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health‘s ‘Our Sick Society‘ podcast series, Dr Charlotte Woodhead explores findings from the Tackling Inequalities and Discrimination Experiences study (TIDES). Led by Professor Stephani Hatch at King’s College London, TIDES aims to understand how discrimination, bullying and harassment is experienced in the health service and its effects on staff and patients. We hear from an expert panel, who discuss some of the findings about how the healthcare workplace environment not only creates but maintains racialised inequalities experienced by healthcare staff.

The panel is chaired by Femi Otitoju, Chair of Challenge Consultancy. Panel members are Cerisse Gunasinghe, Research Associate and Counselling Psychologist, and member of the TIDES study team; Nathan Stanley, Research Assistant on the TIDES study; Isaac Akande, Clinical Psychologist based in the NHS. Joy Gana-Inatimi, Programme Lead for Medical Leadership at the Edgehill University Medical School and Safeguarding Lead; Naomi Clifford, Research Assistant for the Nottinghamshire Health Care NHS Foundation Trust and TIDES Peer Researcher; and Charlotte Woodhead, Lecturer in Society and Mental Health at the ESRC Centre for Society and Mental Health at King’s College London.