If you are interested in assessing the TIDES survey dataset for research purposes, please contact us at tides@kcl.ac.uk

Access to our dataset would require adherence to the TIDES Data Transfer & Publication policies; 

TIDES Data Transfer

TIDES Publication Policy


When these data are available, transcripts from interviews will be anonymised and uploaded to the UK Data Archive where users must complete a set of Special Licence forms to access the data. 

The UK Data Service is a national data service that provides free access to a range of social and economic data collections including UK census data and government funded surveys as well as qualitative and business data. The UK Data Service is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council to meet the data needs of researchers, students and teachers from all sectors, including academia, central and local government, charities and foundations, independent research centres, think tanks, and business consultants and the commercial sector. Guides and video tutorials are available on the UK Data Service website to show users how to access these data.