What is the TIDES interview study?

The qualitative study interviewed TIDES survey particpants to further explore survey results. Nurses and healthcare assistants were selected for interview due to higher reported levels of experiencing and witnessing discrimination and bullying. 

The topic guide included questions about: 

  • Their work environment
  • Witnessing and experiencing discrimination
  • Reporting discrimination 
  • The impact of discrimination on health service use
  • Training available on discrimination and bullying


We completed data collection for our healthcare practitioner sample in February 2020; a total of 46 interviews were conducted with student and qualified nurses, healthcare assistants and nursing associates.

Thank you to everyone who participated an took the time to share their experiences with us.

We are also interviewing senior staff to gain multiple perspectives across healthcare. So far we have conducted 4 out of a maximum 15 interviews, with data collection paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be resuming shortly.


Existing interview data are being analysed using thematic analysis. We are currently developing inter-theme connections in preparation for our 1st paper focusing on inter-staff discrimination.