Surveys and Interviews


What was the survey about?

This survey aimed to examine inequalities and discrimination experiences in healthcare settings. Topics included…

who took part?

Check out our public engagement events aimed at all NHS healthcare practitioners…

how can I access the tIDES dataset?

If you are interested in accessing the TIDES dataset for research purposes…


What is the TIDES interview study?

Building on preliminary TIDES survey findings, we are conducting interviews with healthcare professionals and senior staff to further explore how discrimination and bullying impact healthcare professionals and to find out more about current diversity and inclusion policies and frameworks.

For information about the TIDES interview study or if you’re eligible to take part, contact Hannah at

Currently recruiting: NURSES and HEALTHCARE ASSISTANTS

We are currently recruiting nurses (students and qualified) and healthcare assistants who completed the TIDES survey for our interview study. Contact Hannah to take part. Further information below.