Meet the team

TIDES is being led by a team of researchers and academics at King’s College London. We do research to improve knowledge and understanding of inequalities in health and health service use

Professor Stephani Hatch

Stephani is a Professor of Sociology and Epidemiology in the Department of Psychological Medicine, King’s College London and is the Principal Investigator of the TIDES study.  Stephani is also the founder of the Health Inequalities Research Network, which promotes integrated approaches to participatory research and public engagement in the community.

Dr Rebecca Rhead

Rebecca is a Research Associate at the IoPPN working on the TIDES study. In her previous work she has used quantitative research methods to study HIV (particularly barriers to care and treatment adherence) as well as military mental health and treatment needs. Rebecca’s current work with TIDES focuses on harassment and discrimination in the NHS and taking an intersectional approach to patient healthcare inequalities. She has a PhD in Social Statistics and has been working in Psychological Medicine since 2017.

Zoe Chui

Zoe is a Research Assistant on the TIDES study. She has a background in Psychiatric Epidemiology, with a focus on the interface between mental and physical health. She has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in War & Psychiatry, and has been working in the Department of Psychological Medicine for two years.

Hannah Harwood

Hannah is a Research Assistant on the TIDES study, coordinating the qualitative interview study. She has an MSc in Health Psychology and  BSc in Psychology, and has been working in the Department of Psychological Medicine at King’s for three years on a variety of military health projects.

Luke Connor

Luke is a Research Assistant on the TIDES study, he has a BSc in Psychology and a MRes in Research Methods. His main responsibility is the management and organisation of the Virtual Reality (VR) study.

Shirlee MacCrimmon

Shirlee is the database administrator on the TIDES study. She has a BA in Psychology and a MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science).  She has worked at King’s College for three years; other studies she has been involved in include South East London community health, military mental health, and integrating mental and physical health.

Dr Ioannis Bakolis

Ioannis is a Lecturer in Biostatistics at the Department of Biostatistics and Department of Health Services and Population Research. His research interests are focused on quasi experimental designs, causal inference, hierarchical models, multivariate and variable selection techniques and their applications in policy evaluation, life-course, environmental and mental health epidemiology.

Dr Billy Gazard

Billy is a Senior Research Officer at the Office for National Statistics Centre for Crime and Justice. He is a collaborator on the TIDES study and leads the Health Inequalities Research Network with Professor Stephani Hatch, Dr Charlotte Woodhead and Dr Cerisse Gunasinghe. Billy recently finished a PhD in Epidemiology, which focused on the role of structural adversity in health inequalities, and is particularly interested in the use of intersectional approaches to health inequalities research.