Why should I take part?

This study aims to tackle inequalities and discrimination experiences in health services. We believe that by participating and allowing us to conduct this study, you will contribute to the greater good by providing real statistics regarding unfair treatment and its impact upon health service use, your job satisfaction and mental and physical health. This will aid future policies and improvements to health services that will help both HCPs and people in the community.

In all our work we rely on people’s voluntary co-operation, and your help will give everyone a better understanding of the experiences and needs of healthcare practitioners and service users. The success of the survey depends on the participation of as many of those selected as possible. As a “thank you” we are giving all those who complete the interview a £15 voucher.

How is this survey different to the NHS Staff Survey or the Workforce Race Equality Standard?

This survey builds on the NHS Staff Survey and the Workforce Race Equality Standard by asking about a wider range of your experiences including health service use, health outcomes, life events and discrimination experiences outside the workplace.

Who can take part?

We are looking for healthcare practitioners who have at least 12 months’ experience of working or training in a healthcare setting. You must be aged 18 years or older and have a NHS email account.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey should take no longer than 35 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions might I be asked?

The survey will include questions regarding your work environment, experiences of unfair treatment and discrimination, and we are particularly interested in how any unfair treatment may impact your current mental and physical health and also your use of health services.

How will you ensure that my responses remain confidential and anonymous?

We take confidentiality very seriously. All personal information about you is regarded as strictly confidential. Only the researcher asking these questions and the study leader will be able to trace the information you have given us to your personal details. All the information about you will be coded; you will not be identifiable in any research outcome (e.g. publication). This ensures that suitable standards of security and confidentiality are applied. All information collected will be handled with care and in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the university’s Research Data Management Policy.

If you agree to take part in this project you will be asked whether you are happy to be re-contacted about participation in future research projects. In that case your name may be retrieved and you may be re-contacted. This decision will not affect your participation to this current survey. Only in cases where you tell us something which may place you at severe risk (such as suicidal thoughts and ideas) would we consider breaching confidentiality. In those cases you might be contacted by an expert from the study team and, if necessary, a clinical interview will be offered.

What happens with the data that is collected?

Data will be downloaded to a networked folder at King’s that will only be accessible to TIDES team members. Once data collection is complete, it will be analysed using STATA 15 and Nvivo 11 and key findings will be written up for publication in academic journals. Data for analysis will be provided in an anonymous format and any identifiable data (names, email addresses, telephone numbers) will be recorded separately, and stored in a different location on a secure King’s College server.

Interview transcripts will be anonymised and in report writing, quotes will be modified to ensure that individuals cannot be identified. Personal information, such as names and addresses will be removed, as well as any other distinctive event or combination of descriptions that could make somebody recognisable. All processing of personal information related to the study will be in full compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) (including the Data Protection Principles).

If you no longer wish to take part in the study, you may withdraw any information that you have already provided in the survey or the in-depth interview, given it is within one month after completing the study. However, given the nature of focus group discussions, any information you choose to disclose during the discussion cannot be withdrawn. Withdrawal from the study will not affect the standard of care and treatment you receive from the NHS in any way. In order to withdraw, please contact us at tides@kcl.ac.uk.

How long will it take to receive my voucher once I have completed the survey?

If you complete the survey at King’s College London, you will receive a paper voucher immediately after completing the survey. If you complete the survey online, an e-voucher will be sent to the email address you provide at the end of the survey. Please allow up to five working days for your e-voucher to arrive. If you have not received your e-voucher after five working days, please email us at tides@kcl.ac.uk.

When will we find out the results of the study?

You will receive a final report of the study findings shortly after all the data has been collected. For more information on when this report will be complete, please email us at tides@kcl.ac.uk.